Uganda Support

Please consider supporting me on my mission journey to Uganda. The trip itself is $3,600, my personal goal for beds/mosquito nets/Bibles fundraising is $2,000, and that brings me to a grand total of $5,600! (Which I know I cannot do alone.) If you would like to buy:

Two Friendship Bracelets for $5
Green Braided: More being made!

Yellow Braided: More being made!

Orange Braided: More being made!
Blue Braided: More being made!

Red/Pink Braided: More being made!
Purple Braided: More being made!

then please email me at with your address and order. (And if you would like to donate more than $5 that will help more than you know!)

My friend Brooke Griffith has also created screen prints that you can buy for $10! The print is called Tribal Modernity and you can buy one from her website!

If you are not able to contribute financially, please pray for the journey and the group! I will include prayer requests on the "Uganda Update" page.

In the Works
Braided Friendship Bracelets: Black/White
Knotted Friendship Bracelets: All colors
Magazine Bead Necklaces

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