Uganda Update

1 bed in Northern Uganda = $50
1 mosquito net = $8
1 Bible = $10
1 person to go to Northern Uganda = $3,600

I have so far raised $5,519 equaling 1 plane ticket, 60 beds, 1 mosquito net, and 1 Bible...but still counting...

6/12/13 It became very real today that in a month I will be on a plane going to Uganda. And that I'm only $81 away from my goal. God is literally SO good and I am sooooooo undeserving of all the blessings and lessons from this journey.
6/11/13 Got my Yellow Fever shot today. I also got this fun little pamphlet called a "Yellow Fever Card" which essentially says that, yes, I was shot in the arm with a needle. ...I don't like shots anymore.
6/4/13 Got my Typhoid and Polio shots and Malaria and Cipro prescriptions. Feeling very powerful against sickness right now.
5/20/2013 I hit $2,000! Today I was awarded a $3,000 grant that is split into $1,200 for my personal fees and $1,800 directly to beds, nets, and Bibles! Which means now I am only $149 away from my plane ticket! God is so so so so SOOOOOOOO GOOD! Thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray!
5/17/13 I hit $1,000 dollars!! And also found out how much airfare is...$2,500. Ouch.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be praying that I hit $2,500 by the end of next week!!
5/13/13 I hit $500 dollars!! So far to go but so very very blessed by your generosity. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to help my mission!
5/7/13 Received my first support letter response! If you would like to keep up to date with my biweekly newsletter fill out this form and you'll get the updates soon!
4/29/13 Turned in my Visa Application, sent out the first 35 support letters, and got a sponsorship with Imagine Design Hair Salon!
4/20/13 Filling out the Visa Application...this just got real...
4/7/13 If you would like to receive periodic email updates from me about my trip to Uganda click this link and fill out the information. First email goes out in about two weeks!
3/30/13 My parents said that I can (officially) go!
3/26/13 Please be praying for the team as we get details finalized and begin fundraising.

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