Monday, March 18, 2013

Praising while Praying

So last Wednesday, I found out that I have a spot going on the Uganda trip!!! SO. EXCITED. I have been praising God for the past 5 days because He did make a promise that I would go to Uganda this summer and He made it happen!

Now I am praying that my parents will "officially" be on board with this idea. Or at least quickly-on my time frame-get on board. God is teaching me a lot of patience right now because I have WAY too many ideas going around and around my head for support/fundraising and I feel as though I need to wait for my parents to make their decision. I am an adult, and they recognize that, but they would like to make sure that I am as safe as I could be.

So please pray that my family is as comfortable with the idea as they could be and that they get in touch with all the leaders so that they feel even better about what I will be doing/who is going with me.

(By the by, the summer camp that I went to when I was younger did a blog post on Teaching Spiritual Discipline. Essentially, Waiting on God. Here's the link if you want to check it out!)

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