Friday, May 17, 2013

Be Still and Get Moving

The theme of this week has been "Be Still and Get Moving". God works in oxymorons so just let me explain.

Be Still
Psalm 138:8   Hebrews 13:6   Psalm 62:1
Obviously, this whole process of going to Uganda is teaching me the importance of being still and letting God work. I am definitely more prone to feeling as though I need to take everything in my own hands and that I will be the one that makes it all happen. I needed to learn that it wasn't me that was actually doing the work. I could put the support letters in the mail, but do I hand deliver them? Do I make sure that they are put in the hands of the people that will help me? No, God does that. So that already helps take some pressure off of myself. I don't have to feel as though I need to be in control because as soon as something leaves my hands I don't have any control.
God knows what He is doing. I have to trust that He does even when I have a little doubt that this might be the time that He doesn't come through.

Get Moving
Galatians 6:8   Isaiah 6:8   Romans 5:5
But this does not in anyway give me an excuse to put off sending out support letters! Or talking to the person that I know needs a little encouragement. Or thinking that God is going to move in some HUGE way so I can just "be still". So when God tells me that I'm going to Uganda in July and I have about a week and a half at the latest to get $1,500 for the plane flight you best BELIEVE I start moving! But it also shows what I should have been doing these past two weeks, then not to feel ashamed or stressed that I procrastinated, and to keep moving forward.

By the way if you happen to have $1,500 in your wallet and want it to be tax-deductible please email me at

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